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Share great stories easily

Share stories securely by sending videos, audio, text, or photos of any size easily to your team through this smart messaging app.

Questions? Feedback? We would love to hear from you!

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What is the app? Watch the overview video!

Download the app

If you are on a computer, click the button below to launch:

HOW does it work?

The app is a conversation between a storyteller in a remote area and a communication group admin (Comms Admin) back at the organization.

The storyteller can upload media – a photo, video, audio file, and text OF ANY SIZE – securely to an admin to immediately share stories and key information. A 4 gigabyte drone video upload is possible!

Comms Admins will immediately get notified of a new story and can converse with the storyteller. Media assets can be securely downloaded from the app to be used in various communication channels.

WE need your feedback!

As we continue to develop this app, we would appreciate any feedback you can give us on functionality, interface, and ways we can improve the experience.

Send feedback to .

What is the current version?

MAF Adventures is currently in version 1.0.0 and in actively testing mode worldwide. In this version:

  • Re-architected the app to allow the sharing of a story to many entities.
  • Allow an admin to promote other users to admin within the app.
  • Improved the user interface so storytellers have more context of who they’re sharing with.
  • Improved the look and feel of the app as a whole.

Free to use

MAF Adventures is free to use to enable your organization easily share stories from remote areas.

The app is available for iOS, Android, and a web version that can be used on any computer.


Below is a general step by step guide of how to use the MAF Adventures app (click on each step to see – some have video instructions!):

WELCOME: Logging in to the MAF Adventures App

After downloading the app, launch the app and login.
You can login with your Google account, Apple ID, or with an email.

For most cases, you will want to choose “Continue with Email” and create an account with your organization’s email.

This will help admins identify you easily and assign you to the right team.

SETUP: 1. Create an account or sign in

Click on “Create New”, below the “Sign In” button to create an account.

If you already have an account, skip the SETUP steps below and sign in.

1a: Enter your name

Enter your full name that will be used when you are submitting stories.

This is an important step to identify you with your communications group.

1b: Choose the role that describes you

Select the role that best describes your position. If you do not see your position in the list, pick the one that is closest.

This helps admins identify the level of access you have with the app.

1c: Select your location or organization

Select the location you are based from.

If you are from a guest organization, please select yours.

Each location or organization is a group consisting of storytellers and communication administrators and admins will only see conversations within that group.

1d: Select who you want to share stories to

You will have the ability to share your uploaded story and text to multiple MAFs.

If you only need to share with your base or organization, select it here also.

2. Home screen navigation

When you first launch the app, you will see this screen showcasing published stories from your group.

In the upper left is your profile settings. You can start a new story by clicking the “Add Story” in the bottom centre or see past stories you have submitted by clicking on “My Stories”.

Admins: Adding a URL to the story information page from a storyteller on your team will automatically show on this list.

3. STORY: Submit text to your group

Clicking on “Add Story” will bring you to this messaging window. Typing text in this window and clicking the send arrow in the lower right will immediately notify the admin that there is a pending story coming from you.

The coloured circles in the upper right indicate the people in this conversation. The ‘i’ circle is the story information settings.

3a: UPLOAD photos or videos to your story

Click on the “+” sign beside the message window and choose “Gallery” to upload photos or videos from your mobile device. Choosing audio will list files available in the ‘Files’ area of your device.

There is NO LIMIT to the size of the file you can upload from your mobile device or computer.

3b: Uploading progress

As files are selected, they will be uploaded to this messaging window. A progress indicator will appear on larger files. You can control whether or not the app uses cellular data in your profile settings.

Note that you can use the web version of the app to upload from your computer for offloaded media from a camera or video recorder.

3c: Give information about your story

Caption your media that you are uploading to tell the whole story to your communications admin.

Your comms admin may message you back for further detail or followup to your story.

4. DOWNLOAD media from a story (Admins – Video)

Go to the listing of your stories in the app (“My Stories” icon in the lower right).

Press and hold over the story block until you see the ‘Share Assets’ window come up. Fill in the name and email and click ‘Send’.

The recipient will receive an email with all the links to the media assets in the story.

You can also download a single piece of media by pressing and holding over a picture and selecting ‘Copy URL’.

Downloading Content from Web Version of App
4a: Share Assets Feature Mobile App (Video)

Share Assets Feature Mobile App
5. STORY INFORMATION – Privacy and Consent

Click the ‘i’ button in the upper right of a story you are building. You will be immediately presented with this screen.

It is important that all stories and media submitted be consensual to the subjects.

You can video your subject saying the sample text block or photograph the consent form and upload it for confirmation by your admin. Indicate the status of the consent by selecting the right option.

This indicator in the app IS NOT OFFICIAL consent. Please inquire with your admins about your organization’s privacy and consent procedures.

5a: Metadata of the story

Adjust the details of your story (metadata) by adjusting the options here. Note that you can adjust who the story is shared with in the window.

Select your preferred cover picture by clicking the thumbnails at the top. Putting in text in the summary field will name your story in the story listing. Pick a good headline to catch the attention of your admin!

Admins: Returning to the story and putting in a URL where the story was published will populate the opening headlines of the app. This is an important step to let your storytellers see how their media is being used and encourage them to keep uploading more.


Clicking on the upper right icon with your initials when you login will bring you to this screen.

Adjust your information and your sharing and notification preferences.

Choose whether or not your device uses cellular data when uploading.

We HIGHLY VALUE your feedback for MAF Adventures. Send comments, good or bad, to . We read every comment submitted!

6a: SETTINGS – Storyteller (Video)
6b: SETTINGS – Editor Roles (Video)
Chat Feature on Mobile App (Video)

ADMIN: Publishing Content in Mobile Version (Video)

Publishing Content in Mobile Version